[av_button label=’Meet Our Fellow’ link=’page,2121′ link_target=” size=’x-large’ position=’center’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ color=’theme-color’ custom_bg=’#444444′ custom_font=’#ffffff’ custom_class=”] [av_toggle_container initial=’0′ mode=’accordion’ sort=” custom_class=”] [av_toggle title=’Qualitative Study on Developmental Math Education ‘ tags=”] 2016-17 Research Fellowship GNYC’s second research fellow is Maggie Fay. She is an experienced researcher and advanced doctoral student in sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center. During the Fall 2016 academic semester she is conducting a qualitative study to learn about student and instructor experiences in different kinds of developmental math education courses. Ms. Fay plans to interview developmental math instructors and students and observe classes at three different CUNY community colleges. This research will study the way in which the delivery and instruction of developmental math courses can impact faculty and students. It will also illuminate under what conditions and for which types of learners different approaches to remediation may be most effective. Approximately 45 students (15 students per college) and several faculty members and administrators will be engaged during this research project. Ms. Fay’s research activities will include:
  • Interviews with community college administrators such as department chairs and division deans to learn about institutional context.
  • Interviews with the faculty members teaching the courses to learn about their experiences instructing and their perceptions of student progress in the course.
  • Classroom visits for observations in order to understand approaches to teaching and learning in each context.
  • Surveys from students enrolled in each class to learn about their academic history, demographic characteristics, experiences in the course, and future academic plans.
  • Focus groups with students enrolled in the courses to learn about their progress through course material, and challenges and opportunities that they experience as learners in particular developmental contexts. The research report from this study will be released in fall 2017.
Graduate NYC Research Fellows receive financial and other support from the team at GNYC, along with guidance on their study from CUNY’s Office of Institutional Research (OIRA). [/av_toggle] [/av_toggle_container]