The two-year CCIF award to Baruch College is supporting a curricular redesign within the college’s business school, which will give transfer students access to major courses while they work on eligibility requirements. Additionally, it will support the implementation of faculty working groups and the creation of degree maps for transfer students that will improve curricular alignment between Baruch and its largest feeder community colleges. These important collaborations and changes should significantly decrease time-to-degree and increase completion rates for transfer students entering Baruch’s business program.

The two-year CCIF award to Bronx Community College is supporting the Health Careers Pathway Project. This cross-campus collaborative solution is designed to improve student momentum for the significant BCC student population that, despite having entered the College with the intent to pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Clinical Nursing, decide to pursue a different occupation within the health sector. The development of a new Associate of Science in Health Science with embedded stackable certifications, along with improved career advising, is intended to accelerate the path to graduation.

Through its two-year CCIF award, Bottom Line seeks to work with a small set of partners to test and then package its processes, systems, technologies, and usage guides into a comprehensive, customizable, college success model. Many community-based organizations find themselves providing success counseling for their students without the necessary curriculum, expertise, or program structure. As a leader in the field, Bottom Line seeks to provide these organizations with access to its acclaimed success model via easily procured and scalable methods.

The two year-CCIF award to Lehman College is supporting the Race to the Finish Line: Senior Success Program, which aims at addressing the challenges expressed by students categorized as near-completers and comebackers. This initiative will maximize the use of existing alternative credit accumulation opportunities, while expanding  additional credit accumulation options, to accelerate the rate at which these students earn their final 20 credits. This project will uncover important strategies for ensuring that students do not drop out due to loss of financial aid or other challenges that tend to arise when they are nearing graduation.

The two-year CCIF award to the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute is supporting a joint initiative with the CUNY School of Professional Studies. The project will build pathways to support future teachers in earning the proper credits, credentials, and certifications to advance in their careers teaching New York City’s youngest children by offering a credit-bearing Child Development Associate Credential. Supportive advising will also be included to help students transfer to the best fit education program. These 12 college credits transfer to other CUNY campuses toward degrees in early childhood education, putting students on track for college and career success in this important field.