CUNY Start/Math Start Program 

The two-year CCIF award to CUNY Start/Math Start program will support CUNY Start’s Adult Learner Pilot Program, which will build academic skills for over 200 Adult Learners in Bronx Community College and Hostos College. In coordination with multiple Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in the Bronx, the program will deliver comprehensive college success support strategies to ensure college completion in adult learner populations aged 25 and over. The Adult Learner program will bridge the gap in support services for adult learners starting from the beginning of their academic journey, and unto their matriculation in college courses within CUNY. The intended range of services in this program include: online advising sessions, one-on-one career advising, tutoring, workshops, technological training, resource navigation, and all other information provisions that build a learner’s academic identity and sense of belonging. 



LaGuardia Community College

The two-year CCIF award to LaGuardia Community College will support the college’s new LaGuardia Mindfulness Corps initiative aimed at supporting student wellness and heal the emotional barriers to college persistence. Using a guided mindfulness approach, the program hopes to be a source of support to students deeply affected by the global pandemic. Ultimately, the LaGuardia Mindfulness Corps will build confidence in learners on the verge of leaving college by training faculty and staff to integrate mindfulness strategies into the student learning experience. Through Mindfulness-based Interventions (MBIs), the campus community will practice the art of mindfulness to boost focus and reduce stressors that lead to college attrition. This active collaboration across multiple stakeholders and offices across various tech and public-sector industries will serve over 5000 students for the next two years of mindfulness programming. 


Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) & Baruch College 


The two-year CCIF award is a collaboration between administrative support services of BMCC and Baruch College. The BMCC-Baruch Business Academy is designed to fast-track pathways from BMCC to CUNY’s top business school, the Zicklin School at Baruch College. The academy will integrate processes and support systems across BMCC and Baruch administration in order to make business school more accessible to prospective community college transfer students. Furthermore, the academy will continue to support students throughout their academic journey in Baruch’s Zicklin school to ensure college success.

New Yorkers For Children (NYFC)


The two-year CCIF award to New Yorkers for Children will support the Cohort Connection Program, which seeks to support college-going foster care populations approaching age of emancipation to ensure the welfare and college persistence of children and young adults. These wraparound services include academic, financial, and mentorship services to preserve college ambitions of students on the cusp of aging out from foster care. Additional supports include: tutoring, mental health counselors, monthly stipends, tuition assistance, technological resource provisions, and housing support services.