How to Use Graduate NYC’s New Interactive Map

Through an extensive outreach process with the college access and success community, this interactive mapping feature was created to communicate the incredible amount of work happening throughout the five boroughs to support students to and through college. The site has an array of features that we hope will aid the College Access and Success community in a variety of ways, from community-based organizations looking to partner with other organizations and schools, to funders looking to fill gaps in service provision for different populations and neighborhoods. Here is a sampling of some of the interesting features of the site:
  • View programs that serve particular neighborhoods within NYC
  • Explore the concentrations of various services by borough or school level
  • Learn more about the level of support for various student populations, such as English Language Learners or students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
The website includes listings from approximately 200 programs operating across the five boroughs, and a supplementary report with findings and recommended next steps. This report overviews highlights on many different aspects of these programs, including the types of services commonly provided to students and the types of metrics tracked by various organizations. The report and the website also include information about organizations that support the sector as a whole, through research, advocacy, professional development and technical assistance. The map images represent the locations where college access and success programs are serving their respective populations. To view a neighborhood of interest and the programs serving that neighborhood:
  • Hover over the borough of interest
  • Double click on the neighborhood selected
  • Select “View Matching Programs” at the top of the menu to bring up a page with more detailed information for the programs servicing the borough or neighborhood selected
You can also filter by various criteria using the menu on the left side of the page. Available filters include neighborhood, targeted population, education level served, enrollment type, eligibility criteria and types of services provided. For example, by selecting the “Justice involved youth” filter under Targeted Populations, you can view the number of college access and success programs that have specific expertise in working with justice involved youth and in which parts of the City they typically provide services. The map also includes a section called Program Findings & Patterns, which provides an in-depth view additional areas of interest, including the concentration of programs that serve some of New York City’s most vulnerable students, the distribution of programs by school level, and a school-CBO partnership map. Please see this tip sheet for a more extensive overview on how to navigate the map. Graduate NYC is excited to launch this tool to the field and is happy to answer questions or provide training on how to use the site to help you in your work! If you would like us to request a training, please contact Melissa Herman at  Also, please feel free to leave your feedback on the map in the comments section below.  The interactive map was launched with generous support from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, the Booth Ferris Foundation and the New York Community Trust.  

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