GNYC is more than the sum of its parts. Our program areas are complementary and interconnected, as our research work and the College Completion Innovation Fund inform one another to build meaningful partnerships across the sector. These elements are central to the work of the Network for College Success and Next Stop College, which establish feedback loops with community stakeholders and students to effectively incorporate these crucial voices into public education policy.


Research & Insights

GNYC interprets system level data and conducts complementary qualitative research in order to create coherent and actionable information for our network of campus and community stakeholders.

College Completion Innovation Fund (CCIF)

The CCIF supports the development of innovators in college persistence and success programming, shares research and promising practices to spark new ideas, and creates cross-sector learning communities.

Network for College Success (N4CS)

The Network builds and sustains the ecosystem of community stakeholders who are critical for the success of New York City’s young people.

Next Stop College (NSC)

Next Stop College provides students and families targeted, customized, and actionable information on steps they can take in high school to enter strong match colleges prepared to succeed.