mapping-project-banner-new Through the NYC College Access & Success Mapping Project, GNYC surveyed programs across the city to create an interactive map illustrating the breadth and depth of college access and success work across New York City for local and national stakeholders.
The map images represent the locations where college access and success programs are serving individuals, which can be filtered by various criteria. Use the menu on the left side of the page to apply different filters to the map. The filters will display the number of programs serving a particular borough/neighborhood under that criteria. For example, by selecting the “Justice involved youth” filter under Targeted Populations, the map will show the number of college access and success programs that have stated that they have specific expertise working with justice involved youth and in which borough(s)/neighborhood(s) they typically provide services. More than one filter may be applied at a time. To learn more about a particular map image, focus on a particular borough by hovering over an area of the NYC map until it is highlighting the borough of interest. Click on this borough and the map will zoom in. Hover over the borough, to see the names of the neighborhoods along with the number of programs serving that neighborhood. For more information about the programs, double click on the neighborhood named or select “View Listings” at the top of the menu. This will bring up a page with program information for the programs meeting the filtered criteria and serving the borough selected. Filter criteria can be changed from this page by using the menu on the left. To toggle back to the map, click “View Map” at the top of the menu.

Targeted Populations


The Targeted Populations filter displays the programs that have particular expertise in serving each of the groups of individuals listed under this filter.

Education Level Served


The Education Level Served filter displays the programs that typically serve students at each particular education level listed under this filter.

Enrollment Type


Open Enrollment: Individuals who meet eligibility criteria will be selected. Limited Enrollment: Individuals will not necessarily be accepted despite meeting eligibility criteria due to limited availability. Closed Program: Individuals are unable to freely submit an application and must be invited or meet specific criteria.

Eligibility Criteria


The Eligibility Criteria filter displays the programs according to their particular criteria that an individual must meet in order to be eligible for services.

Services Provided


The Serviced Provided filter displays the programs that provide each of the categories of college access and success services listed under the filter.

Program Findings & Patterns

SERVICES Click here to learn more about the concentration of the various services offered, including College Readiness, College Matriculation, College Persistence, and Career Preparation

TARGETED POPULATIONS Click here to learn more about the concentration of programs that serve some of our most vulnerable students, including English language learners, disconnected/out of school youth, students with IEPs, or justice-involved youth

EDUCATION LEVELS Click here to learn more about the distribution of programs serving elementary school, middle school, high school and post-secondary levels

PARTNERSHIPS Click here to learn more about the CBOs that are working in schools and colleges to provide students with college access and success services.

Click on the icons above within the Program Findings & Patterns, to take a closer look at four areas of interest. These include: the concentration of the various services offered, the concentration of programs that serve particular student populations, the distribution of programs by school level, and a map of school locations where CBOs serve students on site. For full details about this project and additional data findings, please check out the report

Matching programs

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About this Project

In 2015, Graduate NYC launched the NYC College Access & Success Mapping Project with generous support from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, the Booth Ferris Foundation and the New York Community Trust. Through an extensive outreach process, and with the engagement of the college access and success community, this interactive mapping feature was created to communicate to local and national stakeholders the breadth and depth of this work happening in New York City to support students to and through college. As part of the Mapping Project, a total of 164 responding organizations providing 201 college access and success programs were surveyed for information about their services, the individuals they serve, and where they are providing college access and success support in the NYC area. The map images focus on the individual college access and success programs, rather than the organizations. Most (191) programs provide services directly to individuals in need, while a few (10) programs provide services to the sector as a whole, such as technical assistance, professional development for staff and relevant research. Due to the difference in data collected between the two, the map images illustrated on this page only reflect data provided by college access and success programs that serve individuals directly. The Listings Page includes listings for all responding programs. Please note, our map images and data are only representative of the organizations that participated in our data collection activities. Most of the organizations that responded to this survey predominantly serve low-income students, first-generation college-goers, racial and ethnic minorities, and other groups typically underrepresented among college degree holders. View Full Report